I am the mother of two beautiful girls. The concept for this blog came from a conversation I had with my 3 year old when I was pregnant with our second child. We were talking about how she calls me “Mommy” and why that is special. I told her only one other person in the world will call me Mommy. She couldn’t fathom who. We ran through all the people she could think of.

“Uncle Justin?” No, I’m his sister. He calls me Shanna.

“Emma?” No, I’m her aunt. She calls me Aunt Shanna.

I then explained how her little sister will be the only other person to call me Mom. That conversation was a fitting reminder of how many roles we all play in this world- wife, mom (as well as CFO and COO of household), sister, daughter, aunt, friend, employee, employer, granddaughter. Every day we attempt to do all of these jobs well.

I am a book junkie, personal finance nerd, coffee drinker, wine lover and chocolate enthusiast. Not content with merely dreaming, my passion in life is turning a vision into a reality.

Meeting the only other person that calls me Mom

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