Disney Social Media Moms Like Me! They really like me!

Okay, maybe they don’t all know me yet, but I feel like they like me! I have been invited to the annual Disney Social Media Moms Conference and feel like I’ve been invited to the cool kids’ table in the school cafeteria. It’s “the most magical social media celebration of the year” because it’s held at Disney World, is invitation only and my family gets to join me. What could be better than that? I’ve very excited and appreciative of {Read More}

Facebook Ad Genius or How to Market a Message Like a Ninja

Mini wheats ad genius

In the recent Harvard Business Review article Advertisers Must Be Inventors, author Winston Binch discusses how marketers have to constantly be thinking of new ways to get in front of their target market. Television advertising isn’t a slam dunk the way it used to be as most people use DVRs to speed right through any messaging. Major magazines such as Newsweek and Smart Money have evolved to digital publication only. In the HBR article, Binch suggests prioritizing marketing efforts towards {Read More}

Accomplish Your Goals in the New Year

pen and paper

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? This year, I’ve decided to consider them goals instead of resolutions because my resolutions always seem to go by the wayside within nanoseconds. Goals, however, I am passionate about. I like to make them, strive towards them and, best of all, accomplish them. The past few years on our travel home from visiting family at Christmas, my husband and I have set goals for the upcoming year. It was during this conversation {Read More}

New ebook available! “To Elf or Not to Elf?”

To Elf or Not to Elf? How to Have a Christ-Focused Christmas Without Ruining the Fun or Lying to Your Kids Unless you’ve lived under a rock the past few years, it’s probably come to your attention that Elf on the Shelf is all the rage. Everyone’s doing it and taking pictures of their Elves and posting on Facebook. Kids are going to school talking about the unexpected places their elf showed up in the night. There are even blogs {Read More}

Dignity is a Renewable Resource

Buy Dignity is a Renewable Resource Who knew conquering skiing and ice skating could change a person’s life? Conquering might be a strong word, but Shanna’s life did change after making herself attempt such random, but foreign (to her) things. She spent a year pushing herself to do one new thing a month and gathered little balls of wisdom along the way. What was supposed to be a fun little project turned into a profound life-changing experience that opened Shanna’s {Read More}

Same View, Different Perspective

View from my rocker

(Written in June 2012) Four years ago around this time, I sat in this chair, gazed out this window at the same building with a newborn girl in my arms. The circumstances are all very similar, but everything about my outlook has changed. Four years ago I was rocking a child, healing from a c-section. While I fell madly in love with my baby, I felt like I was missing out. I had been making fast growth at work and {Read More}

Western Women Are Selfish

note left on my car stating that western women are selfish

A few days ago I took my four month old daughter to the grocery store while my husband stayed home with our four year old and worked on packing up the house for our upcoming move. When I pulled back into our driveway after grocery shopping, I noticed a small piece of white paper folded up and stuck under my windshield wipers. I pulled it out and stared at it in shock. A few thoughts crossed my mind. First, I {Read More}

What a Difference a Year Makes

My big girl holding my little girl

As I watch my four year old go after my four month old on a “tickle attack,” I can’t help but think about how much difference a year can make. Their giggles and squeals make my heart smile. This time last year, my best friend and I had a working weekend at a hotel in Kansas City where we each mapped out business plans and goals for the upcoming year. I had just miscarried, was newly pregnant again and was {Read More}

Cheating on Don Quixote

stack of books hello my name is shanna

According to my Kindle, I’m 16% of the way through Don Quixote and I’m determined to get through this as part of my Educated Mind project. I’m not going to lie, this is a little tougher than I was hoping. Having previously attempted War and Peace, I wasn’t naive enough to think these novels would be a breeze. But a girl can dream. A friend and I went on a wild, nearly child-free outing a few nights ago. (It was {Read More}

Favorite Books Collage

hello my name is shanna book collage project

My mom is a talented crafter. And by that I mean that she delegates crafting well. For her birthday, she wanted me to help her make wall art of her favorite books. I agreed to help on the project, being the obliging daughter that I am. Items Needed to make a Book Collage: Color copies of your favorite book covers, reduced by 30-50% and on matte (non-glossy) paper Canvas Acrylic paint Sponge paint brushes Glue stick Modge Podge Instructions: Paint {Read More}