Gratitude is Enough

Eve day 1

I am a striver, an  achiever and tend to be a Type A controller of my life and surroundings. When given devastating news 20 weeks into my pregnancy that my baby was unlikely to live, I panicked and fell apart. After a good 24 hours of feeling sorry for myself and grieving for my unborn child, I was done. I called upon family and friends. I told my mom she needed to help me- to pray for healing for my {Read More}

Real Cornbread, Brownies and Cookies- No Box Required

fake Betty Crocker and Jiffy mixes

I was perusing Pinterest a few months ago and came across some recipes for baking mixes. Apparently years and  years ago in a land not far away people used to make brownies, cookies and cornbread without using something out of a box. Gasp! The pin I followed was for “Fake Jiffy Mix” and Heather at Fake It Frugal shared her recipe for homemade cornbread mix. Being the penny pincher that I am, I was ecstatic that she outlined the estimated {Read More}

What I Found in My Purse

hair clips

I found a few things in my purse tonight that made me smile and remember a family conversation about favorite life stages. Tucked in the corners of the bottom of my purse were a tiny hair clip, a red barrette and a hot pink pony tail holder. They made me smile, thinking about how my daughter, who likes her hair wild and free, often takes any sort of hair accessory out within an hour. When we’re out and about, I {Read More}