What Makes Pandora Think I Have ADHD?

Does Pandora Think I Have ADD or ADHD?

Anyone else find the humor in this? I’m not sure if the robots in the Pandora advertising department were drawing upon the words of the song for inspiration or if it was the fact that I had 9 browsers open at the same time that triggered this little gem. Either way, I enjoyed it.  

Facebook Ad Genius or How to Market a Message Like a Ninja

Mini wheats ad genius

In the recent Harvard Business Review article Advertisers Must Be Inventors, author Winston Binch discusses how marketers have to constantly be thinking of new ways to get in front of their target market. Television advertising isn’t a slam dunk the way it used to be as most people use DVRs to speed right through any messaging. Major magazines such as Newsweek and Smart Money have evolved to digital publication only. In the HBR article, Binch suggests prioritizing marketing efforts towards {Read More}