Actual Distribution of Wealth in the U.S.- Rethinking Reality

distribution of wealth in us

The top 1% possess 40% of the wealth in America. Did you know that? Check out this video on wealth distribution. It will shock you. I am completely for capitalism as there is an expectation of opportunity, but when the scales are tipped this far, is opportunity lost?

Facebook Ad Genius or How to Market a Message Like a Ninja

Mini wheats ad genius

In the recent Harvard Business Review article Advertisers Must Be Inventors, author Winston Binch discusses how marketers have to constantly be thinking of new ways to get in front of their target market. Television advertising isn’t a slam dunk the way it used to be as most people use DVRs to speed right through any messaging. Major magazines such as Newsweek and Smart Money have evolved to digital publication only. In the HBR article, Binch suggests prioritizing marketing efforts towards {Read More}

Homemade Laundry Soap and Dishwasher Detergent

laundry save money

I enjoy a cheap thrill, especially when it includes getting a great deal on something I don’t want to spend a lot of money on. I’ll spend some money on makeup and skin care products at Clinique, but laundry soap and dishwasher detergent? Ugh… as long as the product gets the job done, I don’t care what brand it is. I saw recipes on Pinterest a while back for both laundry soap and dishwasher detergent. I spent a whole evening {Read More}

The Value of Value Line

Sample Value Line assessment

Though The Value Line Investment Survey is a little bit drier of a publication than say, Glamour or InTouch, it’s infinitely more valuable in terms of your long term investment strategy. It’s a stock analysis newsletter that is available by subscription or (how I prefer it…) free at your local library. They’re usually filed in the reference section in large black or green binders and offer comprehensive information on various publicly traded companies. My general strategy is to go in {Read More}