Cheating on Don Quixote

According to my Kindle, I’m 16% of the way through Don Quixote and I’m determined to get through this as part of my Educated Mind project.

I’m not going to lie, this is a little tougher than I was hoping. Having previously attempted War and Peace, I wasn’t naive enough to think these novels would be a breeze. But a girl can dream.

A friend and I went on a wild, nearly child-free outing a few nights ago. (It was nearly child-free because only the 11 week old baby was with us). We didn’t go to the mall or bar hopping. We went bookstore hopping. That’s how we roll. I was ecstatic to find a stack of books for my Educated Mind adventure for super cheap- many for less than $2. I am so excited to get on with my learning that I might just crack book #2 on the list, The Pilgrim’s Progress because Don is taking awhile. I’ve also cheated on this project a little bit last night on Amazon by ordering some marketing and branding books I felt like I really needed to have.

So many books, so little time…

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