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Who knew conquering skiing and ice skating could change a person’s life?

Conquering might be a strong word, but Shanna’s life did change after making herself attempt such random, but foreign (to her) things. She spent a year pushing herself to do one new thing a month and gathered little balls of wisdom along the way.

What was supposed to be a fun little project turned into a profound life-changing experience that opened Shanna’s eyes to the world around her and has forever changed how she perceives herself, the world and the people in it. She started her 12 New Things project in December 2009 and blogged through a year of pushing herself out of her comfort zone. She thought it would be fun and it wasn’t. Failing more often than succeeding, she learned to pick herself back up and learned life lessons along the way. These life lessons turned into profound Balls of Wisdom such as:

  • Know when to walk away.
  • A poop metaphor can bring about great change.
  • Ditch fear.
  • Stand up for what’s right even if you’re standing alone.
  • Don’t admire people unless they give you real reason to.
  • Live happily ever after.



“Shanna took everyday fears and conquered them all. Would we all be so bold” said Dignity is Renewable fan Liz Rebein. Other momentous shout outs included President Barack Obama started following her on Twitter during her 12 New Things journey (@ShannaHawes) and Billie Jean King gave Shanna’s 12 New Things blog a mention and shared a link to it on Facebook.

Proof of my astounding political influence in a recent screenshot

A memoir of self-deprecation and self-discovery, Dignity is a Renewable Resource… and Courage Takes Balls is part misadventure, part new mom saga. It’s a book about fighting for integrity, finding purpose and taking charge of your life.

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