Favorite Books Collage

My mom is a talented crafter. And by that I mean that she delegates crafting well. For her birthday, she wanted me to help her make wall art of her favorite books. I agreed to help on the project, being the obliging daughter that I am.

Collage of my mom’s favorite books

Items Needed to make a Book Collage:

Color copies of your favorite book covers, reduced by 30-50% and on matte (non-glossy) paper
Acrylic paint
Sponge paint brushes
Glue stick
Modge Podge


Paint the canvas with acrylic paint and let it dry; it will only take about half an hour or so. Glue the paper copies to the painted canvas. I attempted an Elmer’s washable glue stick, but it didn’t really stick to the copy paper. Instead, I just dabbed some Modge Podge on the back. Do whichever works for you then coat the entire canvas with Modge Podge. Wait 15-20 minutes and brush another coat of Modge Podge. Let dry fully.

A little helper painted the canvas

We had some issues with ripples that we had to pull up and re-stick. I think it was because the copy paper we used was pretty thin. When I’ve done similar projects with scrapbook paper, I had no problems with sticking or rippling. Using a heavier paper should eliminate the ripple factor.

We applied three coats of Modge Podge

Voila! Craft project complete on my mother’s birthday, no less! That should score me a few extra brownie points. 🙂

Btw, if you’re enamored with the book in the top left corner of this collage, you can learn more about it here. How cute is it that my book made it to my mom’s Favorite Book Collage? Aw!

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