How to Start a Book Club

How to Start a Book Club

Having recently moved to a new town, I didn’t exactly have a large circle of friends from which to draw for the creation of a book club, but decided to defy my normally introverted tendencies and just make it happen. I didn’t know exactly where or how to start, so I searched online a bit, asked around and then just dove in.


  • Ask around your current friend group to see who might be interested in a book club.  If you’re starting with just a couple of other people, ask them if they know others who might also be interested. My book club consists of friends, friends of friends, a co-worker and a spouse of a co-worker. We all had wanted to be involved in a book club and our get- togethers gave us an excuse to socialize and have our own time away from work, the house and kids.


  • Start a private Facebook group and invite people to join. This is a great way to compile book choices, share gathering dates and locations, as well as post reactions to the books as you’re reading them.  During the time frame of my club’s first book, King Richard II of England’s remains were found under a parking lot. This happened to be a character of the historical fiction novel we were reading at the time and it was fun to be able to post the link to an article about it.
  • We created a book list document in our Facebook group that we can draw from and have also just verbally discussed books we’ve heard about and are interested in.
  • Our group is pretty casual, but it is fun to come to book club with some discussion points. Lots of books have questions or guides at the end or online. Do a Google search with “discussion guide” and the name of the book. You can use these as a starting point and can spend as much or as little time talking through them as you want. Our discussions tend to include general takeaways and key themes as we drink our margaritas, wine, beer or whatever tasty libation is on special and chat about work, kids and whatever else might be going on.


  • Decide on a regularly scheduled day and time to meet. We get together on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm. This eliminates any messy scheduling and rescheduling.


  • We choose to meet at restaurants, but you could meet at a coffee shop or take turns hosting at each others’ houses. We always choose the next meeting’s location and book before we leave.

I’d love to hear about your book club. What do you you? What books have you read and what has been your favorite thing about participating in a book club?

Mommy started a book club

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  1. I love my book club. We meet at a 24 hour diner so we can stay as long as we want w/o being hassled. It is also perfect since you can order dinner, dessert, or just coffee or tea depending on your budget that month. It has been really interesting to see what books I would have never read and I end up really liking. I’ve learned of new authors I may have never tried before too. I really look forward to our meeting each month and I totally agree with all of your tips.

    • HelloMyNameisShanna says:

      Thanks for the comment, Tara! I love my book club more and more every month. It’s such a great stress reliever to have a planned out night every month and such fun to talk books with fun people!

  2. AshlieR says:

    I have a question about your book club- how many people total are in your group or does it fluctuate often? I’m not sure as to what size to shoot for. I don’t want it to be awkward because it’s so big but I don’t want to leave people out either.

    • HelloMyNameisShanna says:

      We have about 10 people total in our group and about 6-8 are able to meet on a monthly basis. We try to always meet on the second Wednesday of the month so people can plan ahead, but it doesn’t always work because some things are added to the schedule that we can’t really control. (You know, life happens). 🙂 I enjoy the size of group and sometimes people bring a visiting friend or family member or even roommates or local friends. We have a good time.

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