My Little Pony Goes to New York City… And Hello Kitty Saves the Day

In the midst of packing to leave town yesterday morning, I had an idea and grabbed a My Little Pony of my 4 yo’s thinking she’d get a kick out of seeing pictures of this toy on an adventure. I was actually quite pleased with myself for thinking of this as cutesy parenting ideas don’t generally come to me naturally.

Starting out the journey in our driveway.


At the airport.



Once through security, I reached into my purse to snap a picture of My Little Pony with a plane through the window and realized it wasn’t in there. After looking through my carry on and purse at least 4 million times, it became apparent that My Little Pony had accidentally been left in the car. I was so disappointed and mad at myself for biffing my big idea before even getting out of the state.

The good news is that upon arriving in New York, I was able to find a replacement.

Look who was in Times Square. Whoa! How’d she get there?

hello kitty saves the day

Hello Kitty in Times Square

DD (blogspeak for Dear Daughter) was ecstatic with the pictures I texted home for her to see and can’t wait to see what else is in store for Hello Kitty. More adventures to come!

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