Personality Type and Relationships

I think it’s fascinating to learn how unique each and every one of us is and how we relate to one another based upon our personality traits. Personality indicators help give you a better understanding of yourself and how to relate to others.

Years ago I completed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (a personality inventory) and then had family members do abbreviated versions so as to “diagnose” them. I was giddy, finally able to understand what made different people tick. For instance, I am all logic and my parents are all feeling. (My mom is INFJ, my dad is ENFJ and I’m ISTJ). While we’re somewhat similar, our approaches to fact finding and decision making are entirely different, which accounts for virtually every argument we had during my teen years. My mother likens the experience to two hippies raising a Vulcan. What I find humorous about that analogy is that I am not a Star Trek fan at all, yet I’m the Vulcan. (Additionally, I’m appalled that I even know what she’s talking about. I was unwillingly exposed to Star Trek as a child).

Knowing that my parents and I process information differently helped me to better relate to my parents. In some instances it we learned to agree to disagree, like when I was pregnant with my older daughter and my mom was distraught that I wasn’t drinking whole milk. I reasoned that no one other than a 300 pound calf needed whole milk and thanked her for her feedback. Because she knows I’m an ISTJ, she wasn’t surprised at my response and we could just move on.

Learning I was an introvert was helpful in understanding how to maximize my energy and what I needed to feel sane. I’m no wallflower, but I’m also not a social butterfly. Knowing that I needed quiet, alone time to recharge gave me permission to allow myself that. Realizing my husband is an extrovert and needs to be with friends doing activities to recharge helped me better understand him.

Just for fun I googled “personality type Big Bang Theory Sheldon.” Multiple message boards had strands of speculation as to the show’s different character types. Most agreed Sheldon is an ISTJ. Which is what I am. Hmmm…….

Sheldon… My long lost twin?

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  1. You are amazing!!! I love your blog, and your book! You are such an amazing woman Shanna! I am so lucky to have been able to watch you set and achieve your goals! A true Inspiration!!! <3

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