How to Start a Book Club


Having recently moved to a new town, I didn’t exactly have a large circle of friends from which to draw for the creation of a book club, but decided to defy my normally introverted tendencies and just make it happen. I didn’t know exactly where or how to start, so I searched online a bit, asked around and then just dove in. Who: Ask around your current friend group to see who might be interested in a book club.  If {Read More}

Dignity is a Renewable Resource

Buy Dignity is a Renewable Resource Who knew conquering skiing and ice skating could change a person’s life? Conquering might be a strong word, but Shanna’s life did change after making herself attempt such random, but foreign (to her) things. She spent a year pushing herself to do one new thing a month and gathered little balls of wisdom along the way. What was supposed to be a fun little project turned into a profound life-changing experience that opened Shanna’s {Read More}

Favorite Books Collage

hello my name is shanna book collage project

My mom is a talented crafter. And by that I mean that she delegates crafting well. For her birthday, she wanted me to help her make wall art of her favorite books. I agreed to help on the project, being the obliging daughter that I am. Items Needed to make a Book Collage: Color copies of your favorite book covers, reduced by 30-50% and on matte (non-glossy) paper Canvas Acrylic paint Sponge paint brushes Glue stick Modge Podge Instructions: Paint {Read More}

My New Project- Classical Self Education with “The Well Educated Mind”

my well ed mind

In my book Dignity is a Renewable Resource, I wrote how I felt that my exposure to great classical books was limited. This week I stumbled upon a book called The Well Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had by Susan Wise Bauer and thought I should give myself a new project. After all what’s life without an ongoing project, right? The book is an adult’s guide to self education in the classical tradition of studying {Read More}