What to Pack on a Roadtrip with Kids

Disney Social Media Moms

As the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney World is fast approaching, I’ve been making notes and lists getting prepared. One thing that’s been weighing on my mind is the twenty-something hour car ride and keeping the two littles busy enough to not completely drive us crazy.  (Our kids are ages 5 and 1, so your list might be different for older kids). Given the fact that we’ve recently done a couple of 14 hour trips, I’m hopeful {Read More}

“That’s a Big Ol’ Belly” and Other Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

The snack that prompted this post

During an oil change nearing the end of my pregnancy with my second daughter, the mechanic had the nerve to say to me, “That’s a big ol’ belly.” I was not amused. Granted, I was 9 months pregnant and I did indeed have a “big ol’ belly.” But he didn’t have to say it. That evening I told my husband the story and he laughed as did our four year old, who went on to repeat it again and again, {Read More}

What I Found in My Purse

hair clips

I found a few things in my purse tonight that made me smile and remember a family conversation about favorite life stages. Tucked in the corners of the bottom of my purse were a tiny hair clip, a red barrette and a hot pink pony tail holder. They made me smile, thinking about how my daughter, who likes her hair wild and free, often takes any sort of hair accessory out within an hour. When we’re out and about, I {Read More}