Thoughts I Should Probably Keep to Myself Thursdays

These are thoughts I should probably keep to myself, but won’t.   Join me, won’t you? What thoughts have you had today that you shouldn’t share, but will anyway?

Same View, Different Perspective

View from my rocker

(Written in June 2012) Four years ago around this time, I sat in this chair, gazed out this window at the same building with a newborn girl in my arms. The circumstances are all very similar, but everything about my outlook has changed. Four years ago I was rocking a child, healing from a c-section. While I fell madly in love with my baby, I felt like I was missing out. I had been making fast growth at work and {Read More}

What a Difference a Year Makes

My big girl holding my little girl

As I watch my four year old go after my four month old on a “tickle attack,” I can’t help but think about how much difference a year can make. Their giggles and squeals make my heart smile. This time last year, my best friend and I had a working weekend at a hotel in Kansas City where we each mapped out business plans and goals for the upcoming year. I had just miscarried, was newly pregnant again and was {Read More}