“That’s a Big Ol’ Belly” and Other Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

The big ol’ belly

During an oil change nearing the end of my pregnancy with my second daughter, the mechanic had the nerve to say to me, “That’s a big ol’ belly.” I was not amused. Granted, I was 9 months pregnant and I did indeed have a “big ol’ belly.” But he didn’t have to say it.

That evening I told my husband the story and he laughed as did our four year old, who went on to repeat it again and again, giggling. It was far cuter out of her mouth than the mechanic’s.

Earlier that same week,  a woman at the grocery store made a comment regarding my snack choice. I had purchased Who Nu cookies (fake Oreos with added nutrients) and this woman I passed by looked at them and said, “You shouldn’t be eating diet cookies.” I didn’t stop to clarify if she meant I should be eating regular cookies or no cookies at all. I didn’t really value her opinion, so I just kept on walking and pretended not to hear her.

The snack that prompted this post

What is it about pregnancy that makes people completely lose their filters and just say whatever it is they want to say? Pondering this, I asked my Facebook friends what has been said to them.

Here are some things that have been said to my friends while pregnant (i.e. what not to say to a pregnant woman):

  • Any mention of a beached whale, especially when the woman is on bedrest
  • “Can you see your feet?”
  • “I know a simple procedure that can take care of that.”
  • “What’s up, fatty?”
  • “Have you had that baby yet?” (When obviously still pregnant).
  • “You’d better sleep now because you won’t get any sleep for 18 years.”
  • “You’re as big as a house!”
  • “Don’t you know what causes that?”
  • “You look like you’re having twins!” (She wasn’t).

What’s the worst thing someone has said to you when you were pregnant?





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