The Value of Value Line

Sample Value Line assessment

Though The Value Line Investment Survey is a little bit drier of a publication than say, Glamour or InTouch, it’s infinitely more valuable in terms of your long term investment strategy. It’s a stock analysis newsletter that is available by subscription or (how I prefer it…) free at your local library. They’re usually filed in the reference section in large black or green binders and offer comprehensive information on various publicly traded companies. My general strategy is to go in with a handful of companies in mind and make copies of the individual reports that I’m interested in. That allows me to go home and study it without distractions such as four year old tugging at me. (You won’t be able to check the binders out).

Take a look at this pdf of Value Line’s Home Depot report for a full look at all of the information provided. In another post, I’ll go through specifically what you need to look for as a good investment if you’re not already familiar.

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