What a Difference a Year Makes

My big girl holding my little girl

As I watch my four year old go after my four month old on a “tickle attack,” I can’t help but think about how much difference a year can make. Their giggles and squeals make my heart smile.

This time last year, my best friend and I had a working weekend at a hotel in Kansas City where we each mapped out business plans and goals for the upcoming year. I had just miscarried, was newly pregnant again and was hopeful for a lifestyle change of some sort personally and professionally. My husband and I both were commuting more than two hours a day for work; we were burning the candles at both ends and not feeling like we had much life to show for it.

A few days after Christmas, my husband and I made a list of long-term goals. The list included living in a smaller community and devoting more time to our passions (hunting/ outdoorsy activities for him, completion of writing projects for me). We didn’t know how those things were going to come to pass, but it’s what we hoped and prayed for.

On January 17th, our world was rocked when we were told our unborn baby (20 weeks along at that time) would likely not live. I shared that story in the post Gratitude is Enough.

We were devastated.  I fell apart, but pulled it back together, hopeful and full of faith. There was nothing more that we could do other than give it to God and expect all would be fine.

At that time, we were also frustrated that job options for my husband were seemingly slim and had no idea which small community would also mesh with career opportunities. Everything felt out of our control. We didn’t have a plan for any of it, but we were hopeful.

The day our miracle baby was born, Aaron also received a job offer.  He had been talking to a company in a town that we hadn’t previously considered living in. Things began falling into place.

Now we’re nearly settled in a smaller community and we’ll officially move into our new place next week. My husband and I both have jobs that are in the lines of work we’re really happy with for solid, dynamic companies.

Our miracle baby has a follow up CT Scan tomorrow and I’m hopeful and thankful. Mostly thankful. God is good and put together some amazing things for us this year. In retrospect, I realize that He has always put things in place for me, but I haven’t always been looking for it or expecting it. I used to stress myself out, thinking that I had to make things happen. One of the biggest learning lessons this year has been to allow God to work in my life and let go. “Let go and let God” is a phrase that struck me recently. Noted. Remind me of this when I go all control-freak in the future. It’s inevitable.

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  1. I have no problem talking you down off of the control freak cliff….I expect the same from you in return 🙂

    It has been an amazing year…my heart has been lifted walking through it with you.

    I will tell you that you will be in my heart tomorrow, but that should be no surprise…. You are in my heart everyday.

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