Why I’m a Believer: David’s Story

David and family

When posting my “Why I’m a Believer” story, I invited others to share their stories and have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about how God has worked in the lives of people around me.

David, the leader of the conversation that inspired my post, was one of the first to share his story with me to share with you.

David’s story:

Growing up in mid-west America, I was very exposed to church and religious institutions. My family went to church, we celebrated Christmas and Easter, the whole nine yards, but I was never really bought-in.
As I grew up, I learned about God there and eventually began to recognized the disconnect between my attendance at church and how it actually impacted my life. The way I conducted my life didn’t acknowledge the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection and my actions didn’t take into account Christ’s commands or the reality that he wanted to forgive everything I had ever done wrong. But even after realizing this in high school, I refused to change. I thought Jesus wanted to remove the fun from my life. I had accepted his reality, but refused to acknowledge it.

The summer before I left for college, my parents were going through a nasty divorce. I saw that their marriage was temporary when I understood it to be permanent. So I went back to what I had learned growing up in church, seeking something permanent. This was just the start.

Phase 1 of God’s pursuit: Disrupt my life, and arouse my curiosity

I soon left for Kansas State University, both myself and my girlfriend (now wife) had been exploring our bibles together and were earnestly searching for information, and growing closer together. I happened to be placed in the dorms next door to a very solid believer who grew up overseas (his parents were missionaries). Not only was I rooming next to him, but we had chemistry, and immediately became very close friends. I had never had friends like this.
Phase 2 of God’s pursuit: Showing his love through close, Christ centered relationships
Finally, God led me to a Church that was truly alive (as opposed to the staunch, passive and lukewarm church I grew up in). A loving man decided to take me under his wing, and began to teach me what it looks like to follow Christ. As I learned I understood what Christ did, and who he was, I was compelled to rebuild my life around him.
Phase 3 of God’s pursuit: Discipleship and zeal
God knew my need for him. He knew I would resist him to the best of my ability. He showed me that my life was built on temporary things. He showed me that true friendships and love can only come from Him, and is the only way to satisfy my longings for relationship. He showed me that a life as his representative is the only thing that matters. When He showed me these things, the evidence was irrefutable and I found His love to be irresistible.

What’s your story?

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