Why I’m a Believer: Nikki’s Story

Nikkis story of faith

After posting my “Why I’m a Believer” story, I invited others to share their stories and have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about how God has worked in the lives of people around me. Over the last month or so, I’ve shared Carrie’s Story as well as David’s Story. Today we’ll hear the story of David’s wife, Nikki.

Nikki’s story:

When I was a little girl, my grandmother took care of me while my parents worked. She has the purest, most unwavering faith that I have ever seen. She taught us (my brothers and I) how to pray and read us the Bible. She showed us God’s love through her words and actions.

We moved away from my grandmother when I was three. Even at that early age I felt a strong desire to find a church. I begged my parents to pick one. Eventually we began attending Olathe Bible Church. I continued to learn more about God and came to love Him.

We moved again when I was 9 and we began attending a very traditional Baptist church in my hometown. I wasn’t very engaged in this church, but I liked the other kids, so I went to Youth Group and summer camps and retreats.

One Sunday, when I was eleven, I felt called to come to the front of the church to accept Christ. I prayed “the prayer” with the pastor and shortly after I began my baptismal classes.

I was baptized on Easter Sunday that year. However, I do not believe that I had actually accepted Christ at that time.

The following summer I attended Crosswinds Summer Camp. We had a night service with a beautiful fire.  We were invited to come to the front and bow near the fire in prayer. I fervently prayed to Jesus to forgive my sins and help me repent. I believe that was the moment that I was truly saved.

In the years that followed, I faced some very difficult situations. Around the same time, I was taught some harsh untruths about the Gospel from my youth pastor.  At that time I decided that church wasn’t for me. I still believed in God, but I felt too ashamed to approach Him. I was in a dark, lonely, angry place for most of my teenage years. I didn’t understand grace and I gave up on my situation.

 Then I met a boy. A good boy; who is now my husband. Our relationship faced some hardship early on, but we were both seeking something bigger than ourselves and we eventually found Christ together. We began attending church and bible studies shortly after we graduated high school. We had a rough first semester of college and we started asking the tough questions. Was there more to life? What is the point of all this?

We realized that we had two choices- follow the crowd to disaster or follow the narrow road with Christ. Through God’s grace we chose the latter. We were both blessed with wonderful Christian friends in the dorms. Through their love we were able to begin to understand the beauty of the Gospel. We began trying different churches and eventually found New Hope. We began attending regularly and our hearts warmed to Christ. In time we joined a LIFE group (home church) and began to experience true fellowship and discipleship.

 We are now very connected to our church. We are even becoming LIFE Group Co-leaders in the near future. I have come a long way and I feel my heart growing to love God more every day. It has been a wonderful, exciting, beautiful journey and I can’t wait to see where it will take me next!

What’s your story?

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